• Pointer; webbased platform from GeoSignum

    17 August 2019 | P. Jongert | News

    Pointer; webbased platform from GeoSignum; great example of quickly and easily fully automated detecting and extracting objects from mobile LiDAR data sets with just a webbrowser! info: pieter@geosignum.com   www.geosignum.com #lidar #pointcloud #bigdata #pointerwebplatform #saas #geosignum#innofaction #laserscanning #objectdetection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS7wO_N3IU4

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  • Ticketguard; Secure tickets on your smartphone!

    8 August 2019 | P. Jongert | News

    Ticketguard; Secure tickets on your smartphone! What exactly does Ticketguard do? Watch the video below explaining this safe and easy-to-use ticketing product. Info: pieter@ticketguard.nl #ticketing #events #savetickets #ticketguard #innofaction #concerts #publictransport #security #privacy #easytouse

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  • New Website GeoSignum launched!

    6 August 2019 | P. Jongert | News

    GeoSignum has a new website! The website is fully responsive with mobile devices, has a clear message of GeoSignums unique technologies and will be updated regularly with more product information and notifications. www.geosignum.com info: pieter@geosignum.com #lidar #pointcloud #laserscanning #geosignum #innofaction #pointerwebplatform #smartcities #bigdata #featureextraction

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  • New Client GeoSignum

    31 July 2019 | P. Jongert | News

    Since July 2019 INNOFACTION has a new client. The high-tech incubator Yes! DELFT-based start-up GeoSignum is supported in the field of marketing, business development and sales to achieve rapid international growth. GeoSignum delivers highly innovative cloud-based Pointcloud software platform (SaaS) and technology-based services for automatically modeling and extracting geographic objects and information from 3D laser Read the full article…

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  • INNOFACTION innovation Top 100

    14 March 2019 | P. Jongert | News

    INNOFACTION listed in the MKB Innovation Top 100 of 2019. INNOFACTION has been supporting start-ups and scale-ups for many years in the successful implementation and marketing of innovative services and business innovation and is therefore included in the overview of the Dutch MKB innovation Top 100 of 2019. The innovation window of the Chamber of Read the full article…

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